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rmRoland Martin gets morning show NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin started on Monday. The interactive daily show simulcast live on radio starting at 7:00 a.m., with the third hour airing weekdays at 9:00 a.m. ET, on TV One. Check TV listings in your area or listen to all 3 hours live, online. Award-winning journalist Roland Martin leads the conversation with a full multimedia experience— viewers can interact with “NewsOne Now” across radio, television, and social media. Got a question? Be sure to tweet us at @NewsOne or @RolandSMartin with the hashtag #NewsOneNow to weigh in. “African Americans are some of the most highly engaged cable news consumers, and it’s vital that we meet that thirst with a daily morning show that speaks to our issues, our concerns, from our perspective,” says Martin.


Black Talk Radio on The Rise
The days of talk radio dominating the general market for white male listeners is beginning to fade to black, literally. Black talk radio is on the rise in major markets across the country boasting an affluent listenership of educated black men 45+ with real spending power.
Robert “Rob” Redding, Jr.; entrepreneur, journalist and nationally-syndicated black talk radio show host, currently heard in multiple markets throughout the country and online tells TRA “Black listeners will continue to grow in black talk radio when corporate America begins to consider them (listeners) a viable market.”
There are roughly 30 black talk radio stations around the county, most of which are AM stations and from Redding’s perspective, not taken seriously by their owners. “We are at a crossroads.” says Redding. With the election of our nation’s first black president; Barack Obama has fueled black men 45+ to crave black talk radio, as a sounding board for their opinions and source for news and information. Excluding black talk radio stations, more than 20 percent of the talk radio format’s listeners come from the black community, according to www.blacktalkers.com, a website founded by Redding.
Black talk radio is currently represented with full-time formats in the Top 25 radio markets of Atlanta (WAOK), Baltimore (WOLB), Detroit (WCHB), Philadelphia (WURD), Pittsburgh (WGBN) and Washington D.C. (WOL). Some of America’s leading black talk personalities include Joe Madison, Al Sharpton, Bev Smith and Larry Elder.
If Redding is right, more names and stations will join these lists as radio stations and networks continue to program to attract a greater audience.
Article By: Toni Anastasia is a Senior Account Manager at The Radio Agency.